Sunday, 29 May 2011

New blog address

We’ve moved our blog to
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Goodbye blogger.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Yes i actually did do some work Matthew ( i was trying to be nice to my friends)


Brad is officially unemployed. After 4 years at Glebe Fire Station i have quit.
It has been my great pleasure to work with such wonderful people for that last 4 years. I made some good friends, shared some great times, and only got burnt once so i think i have done OK.

Rod you gave me a fair go and supported my career. Gavin you taught me everything i know about being a good Aerial operator and let me play your guitars. Simon your efforts in attempting to improve my table tennis skills so that i might have one day brought down Stephen “The Champ/Comeback King/The Sheriff/The Man/Number One/Tough Talk Terry/Trapasorus” Porter were appreciated but unfortunately in vain. Stephen you have taught me a lot about myself and you are a good friend, i will remember you (and how you burnt me). Troll you have always helped me and made me an equal. Michael you relaxed, gave me lots of lifts and provided a tangible example of why i need to do something crazy with my life now. Skid your knowledge about all the things you know about (swell, old Sydney town, el nino, bush fires, and all things severe) has given me a good foundation to face the rest of my life.
Thank you all. It has been a privilege to work with you. I will miss the epic (but uneven) TT championships against Gavin and Simon, receiving some chin music from Stephen in the back yard, feeling Stephen tap his hand quickly on my arm as i tighten my choker hold on him, $1.50 Australia St, and the other general banter.

Sorry hopefully my next post will be more funny and less sincere.

31 May is Goodbye Australia Day!

We’ve booked our flights to Iran (finally). We decided we’d get the cheapest flights possible, which means we’re flying from Newcastle via Melbourne, Singapore and Malaysia on Jetstar and Air Asia. It will be two days of hell. I can already see Brad going stir-crazy on the first flight… Didn’t get our visa sorted out (too long of a story), so we’ve decided we’ll try our luck with getting a visa on arrival at Tehran. Should be ‘interesting’ start to our trip to say the least.

Blog name explained

Thinking of a blog name is no easy task. That’s why we’ve ended up with Hot Chilli Feet. A few random words haphazardly thrown together. We thought it was better than ‘two lost unicyclists’, ‘a falafel a day’ and ‘the rhubarb happiness index’. Hopefully the posts will make more sense than the name.